Thursday, August 21, 2008

post for the day ( 8/21/08)

I have a bad problem when it come to women and love. I'm a really good man. But it seems like the only women i seem to attract are what my grandma calls street girls. I don't know if you can call them street girls, but I'll tell you what she means thus telling you who seems to be attracted to me. These women like to use nice men and they have bad attitudes. Now about me. I'm a single father in the armed services in VA. I'm a nice guy I make ok money, better than a lot of people here. I'm in the dating game but good women seem to over look me or date guys who are asses. Lots of these guys are asses and they are ugly, I'm a really good looking man and i know how to treat women. but some say that i'm to nice. Are there any women who can tell me what's wrong. And why women like these kind of men, and why bad girls seem to be the only ones who like the nice men